Monday, April 29, 2013

Plants & Seeds

Today we were scientists!! We reviewed what scientists do (you know, besides make "potions") and how to make a hypothesis. I know, big word!! But that obviously makes it super cool :)

We looked at different kinds of seeds and compared them. Today I had lima beans, green beans, and peas. I let a bunch of lima beans soak in a cup of water for a few hours before the lesson, so we pulled it apart to see the inside of a seed and the teeny tiny plant inside. I love this lesson because the kids are so engaged and excited. Woot! Love spring science!!!!!

Our supplies...easy peasy :)

Each kiddo got seeds, which they drew (like scientists!) in their little seed books.  Everyone made a guess about how long the seeds would take to sprout. We put the seeds in bags and hung them in the window to watch them grow!

This is my Staple Master, in charge of stapling the books while I was working with groups to get our seeds in the bags. Best job ever. Seriously. They go crazy for it!!

They worked hard on their books!! We'll be keeping them to keep track of our plants and their growth! Once we see them sprout, we'll transplant them to peat pots to take home to plant. "Will we really get green beans?!?!" Like I said, spring science is the best!

Can't wait for #teachertalktuesday tomorrow! See you all there!!

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