Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Spring has finally sprung!  Of course the warm weather means......I'm starting my garden!!  It also means I can start my plant unit with my kiddos!!!! Woohoo!!  Home Depot was having an awesome sale this weekend.  Buy one pack of seeds, get one free!  Who can pass that up?  I may have gone a little overboard!
Last year a little mischievous bunny ate my baby plants.  This year I'm starting the earlier so they will be a little bigger when I transplant them outside...and hopefully less likely to become food! 

These ones are the ones I got for school.
I start the peas, green beans, and lima beans in a bag that each kiddo hangs from the window so we can watch them begin to grow.  We do carrots, beets, and radishes  (forgot beets&radishes, guess I'll have to make another trip!) in our Root-Vue Farm.  I am SO looking forward to our plants unit!!

Since we're talking about plants.....my first flowers of the year have finally come up!!!
Okay, now off to plant my seeds!  Happy Spring!

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