Sunday, April 7, 2013

Stickers, Stickers, & MORE Stickers!

My giant box of stickers has been bothering me for while now! I was always digging through a mess to try to find the ones I was looking for. What a pain!! I spotted these pocket dividers at Staples and had to have them!! They came 8 to a pack, so I bought two. I have one divider for each month of school, plus some for miscellaneous stickers, dots, stars, and name tags (which i have a TRILLION of!! I buy more of every year because I can never find my old ones!). Now I know where everything is, noooo moooore digging!! Plus, it's bright and pretty!

Here are the pocket dividers I used.
And here's a few pics of my lovely, organized sticker binder! :)

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