Thursday, May 16, 2013

Chicks & Workshop Wednesday!

It's been a super busy, super crazy, and super fun week.  I'm exhausted!!  Our chicks hatched on Tuesday and Wednesday!  Here they are all fluffy and cute!!!!! 

So, we haven't gotten much done with them in our room.  They are just too cute to not pay attention too.  And obviously they are much more interesting than your teacher talking ;)  The kids absolutely LOVE them!  How many of you hatch chicks?  It's such an awesome experience for the kids, especially when they get to see how they hatch!

I'm also linking up with Jivey again this week for Workshop Wednesday!!  This week's topic is about  math manipulatives.

I use math manipulatives just about everyday.  I think it's so important for kids to be able to have a hands-on approach to learning math.  Plus, it makes it more fun!!  We use Cuisenaire Rods a lot, especially for number sense, addition and subtraction, and money.  They really help the kids visualize numbers!  I also use base ten blocks, unifix cubes, and pattern blocks.

I try to keep all my math stuff organized, but it's tricky because I have so much of it!!  This is how I organize all my games.  The top row is all addition.  Each basket is labeled with an addition strategy.  I need to get more....I don't have enough for all of them!  The bottom row are my centers (some of them anyway!).  The three on the left are dedicated to math. 

This little pink drawers in the middle hold all the dice and game pieces.  I try to keep them organized as regular dice in the top, fun dice (like bouncy dice, double dice) in the middle (good incentive to use when they're being extra good mathematicians :) ) and pieces in the bottom.  It doesn't always stay that way.  Some of my kiddos always sneak the bouncy dice and I find them bouncing all the way across the classroom.

Each of my kiddos also has a Math Toolbox that they keep in their cubbies.  Each one has a piece of felt (to help them remember to roll the dice in once spot and not from one side of the room to the other - I haven't really used them much this year, but they're in there still), counters, and base ten blocks.  Whenever I want to use them for a lesson, the kids just grab the box and they're ready to go.  It's much easier than having to hand them out everyday!  They keep them inside the little baskets inside their cubbies.

I also have this cabinet with the manipulatives I use less often.  But they're all stacked and easy to find when I do need them. :)

Happy ALMOST Friday, everyone!  :)  We have Special Friends Day tomorrow.  It's our school's version of Grandparents Day.  The kids sing songs, do a craft with their special friend, and then have a special lunch.  It's a fun day and the kids are super excited!  Our theme this year is "When I Grow Up" and my kiddos are dressing up as cowboys and cowgirls.  They have hats and everything!  We've been practicing a lot this week and I know they are all going to be amazing! 

Enjoy your Friday!
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  1. Sarah, thanks for linking up! I love the felt idea! Probably cheaper than buying all foam dice too. ;-)
    ideas by jivey
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    1. The felt works great...I'll warn you that it does often get used as a blanket when they think I'm not looking ;)