Friday, May 17, 2013

Five For Friday!!

Happy weekend!!!!  It's time to link up with Doodle Bugs for Five for Friday!!!


1.  I'll start with the most exciting thing :)  Our chicks hatched!  I know, I'm obsessed.  I can't help it!!  They're so stinkin' cute!!  It was even more exciting this year because the eggs came from our own chickens (which we hatched in class last year!!).  The most exciting part of all of it was that my kiddos got to see one hatch!  It was really neat and I am SO happy that one hatched during the day!  You can see the video of one of them hatching in this post!

These are the five that my boyfriend and I are keeping :)  Aren't they cute little chicken butts? 

This one even has a "2" on her head....ummm, perfect for first grade?!

2.  We've been doing a lot with chicks and their life cycle.  Because we were having a bit of a difficult time focusing so much fun with the chicks, I had the kids make a cute little tissue paper chick.  I cut up squares of tissue paper.  The kids had to wrap it around their pencils, dip it in glue, and glue it to their chick.  They came out really great!  Then they wrote about them!  I love writing (and baby chicks), so it was a perfect project!  The kids were so into too!!  We read a book called "Surfer Chick" about a little chick that was learning how to surf.  So their stories were about teaching a chick to do something.  Some did karate, surfing, bike riding, how to read, all kinds of stuff.

3.  I celebrated Mother's Day with my mom and my boyfriend's mom this week.  They are both the best.  I love them both!! 

4.  Today was our first grade Special Friends Day.  The kids each have two special friends come to watch their musical performance.  They've been practicing their songs since January, so they were super excited for it!  After the performance, they come back to the room to do a craft, and then have lunch with their special friends.  It's a fun, exhausting day!

This was what we had on our desks for our special friends.

  This was the craft they made together!

Our theme this year was "When I Grow Up" so each class dressed up as something different.  My class was the cowboys(girls)!  The whole group was amazing.  They were so cute singing and dancing to their songs!  I got a little teary eyed!  They worked so hard to get ready for today :)

Don't they look adorable?!

5.  I finally got all my veggies planted in our garden!!  Here's to hoping the little bunnies don't eat them all!!!

Have a super weekend! 

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  1. Congrats on your chicks hatching! So fun! Your chick writing is adorable...we love the tissue paper chicks! Have a great weekend!

    :) Tamra and Sarah
    First Grade Buddies

    1. Thanks Tamra & Sarah! The kids had a blast making them!

      Have a super week!!

  2. Cute cute CUTE! I love little chicks, not so fond of big ones though haha :)

    Apples, Ink and Mischief

    1. I wish they'd stay this little & cute! :)