Monday, May 6, 2013

Mother's Day!

Today was a bit of a crazy day!  This week and next week are pretty busy!!  We worked on our Mother's Day projects this afternoon.  Our spider baby plants are still in water......HOPEFULLY we'll get to planting those tomorrow!!  We finished up the poem, which will be velcroed to the front of the pot.  I haven't cut them out yet ~ this seemed like a little more fun :)

We also painted the hand prints for the butterflies that will be on a popsicle stick inside the pot.  The kids got very creative with their designs and color choices.  I had to limit them to two colors per hand because they were asking for very elaborate designs on their hands!!  They came out really great!  Tomorrow morning we'll do the body.  I'll get those laminated and we'll add the eyes and antennae!!

And hopefully tomorrow we will get those spider babies planted!!  It's a very time consuming project, but it's so well worth it!!  They always come out so cute!

On a side note....we are puppy sitting for my dad stepmom's dogs this week.  I picked them up on the way home from school today :)

Meet Mikey & Roxy!  Aren't they cute? :) 

Here's all three of them.  Moo's our baby :)  Would you believe Roxy (in the middle) is the mother of both of them?  I'm serious!  Those two are brothers!!  Moo loves when they're here!  Not sure how much school work I'll be getting done this week!!!  They're triple trouble!!!! 

Anyway..... :) What do YOU have planned for a Mother's Day gift?

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  1. Hi Sarah! I LOVE those handprint butterflies! I'm your newest follower :)

    Science for Kids Blog

    1. Thanks Sue!! They are so fun to make! :)