Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Testing & Mother's Day!

Testing. We all dread that word!! We have NWEA testing for the next few weeks. My poor kiddos had one today and another on Friday. Friday afternoon that is. Can't wait. I felt like the needed a little motivation for today's reading tests, so I made them these! Little Smartie packsvsaying good luck!! They were a hit :)

I made a big deal about them and said they were to take the nervousness away and help all their smartness work extra hard. It worked!!! They said they could feel their brains growing! One test down, one to go! I need another idea for Friday.....maybe SMARTfood popcorn? ;)

We've also been working on our Mother's Day gifts. We are giving our moms a spider plant! My spider plants didn't have enough babies this year. Sad face. But I found one at Lowe's with a million babies!  

This is great for our plants unit because the kids love seeing the roots on the spider babies. This week we put the babies in water to watch the roots grow a little more. Next week we'll plant them!! They'll each make a little butterfly handprint and we'll attach a poem to the front of the pot. I forgot to take a picture of my sample, but I'll try to remember for tomorrow!! They come out super cute!!

Happy Wednesday!!


  1. Whenever my kids do a great job on something, I tell them to "kiss their brain" for helping them out... maybe you could do something with a hershey kiss :)

    Have a good rest of your week!
    Three Cheers for First Grade!

    1. Annie,

      I love that idea!!!! They'll love it! I'll have to stop and get some kisses! :)

      Have a super week!