Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Tick Tock....Teaching Time!

Time to the Hour!

My kids are pretty good at telling time. Especially snack time and lunch time :). In the past, I have found that my kids can tell time to the hour, but struggle with remember how to write it as it would be on a digital clock. That :00 always gets them!

I had to come up with something silly to help the remember! So I told them I was a cheerleader. When cheerleaders cheer, the have their hands up in the air, just like the minute hand on the clock at an o'clock!! And cheerleaders cheer of course! So when the minute hand points up at the 12, we cheer "O O o'clock". The "O O o'clock" helps them remember that when we write say 5:00, it has two zeroes in the minute place. Silly but it works!!

Time to the Half Hour!

When teaching time to the half hour, I start by talking about how many minutes ate in an hour, what half means, you know, the usual. I've found that my kids get stuck on time to the half hour because the hour hand is between two numbers.

Sooo I set up a train station in my room! I do this every year and it always works!! I pick three or four kids to be the stations. They each bring a marker board and we'll write consecutive numbers. In my picture here we did 8, 9 ,10.

Then I pick a few kids to be a train (the hour hand). They choo choo around, clockwise, until I tell them to stop. I have them stop between each station, so between 8 and 9, then between 9 and 10. ( at this train station the minute hand stays at half past :) ) When I stop them I ask what time it is.

This makes it really visual!! Say they stop between 8 and 9. If a student says, it's 9:30 I'd say, "but has the train gotten to the 9 station yet??" They instantly understand and see that it's 8:30!! I started this last week with my kids and they want to "do the train" just about everyday! It's a little silly, but it really does work! :)

How do YOU teach time? :)


  1. Great time ideas! It always help when they can move to learn! I
    Two Friends In First

    1. It definitely does!! I love when they get so excited to learn :)

  2. I love it! Anything you can do to help kids visualize concepts is awesome!
    Kids Math Teacher