Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Today Was The Day

I knew this day would come...I just wasn't quite ready for it just yet. One of my kids announced to the class that first grade would not be at our school next year, which meant "neither would Ms. J." :( So I had to tell them. I didn't want to...not yet! Although we were sad, we decided to be happy and have fun our last fourteen days together :)

I am going to miss visits from my old students on their way to their second grade classes. *tear*

Ok...happy thoughts! :)

I finally got their memory book pages finished!! Tonight I organized them all so tomorrow I can (hopefully) bind them. My goal is to have them finished by Friday!!!

They are going to be fabulous!!
Have a happy Thursday!!!!

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  1. I am sure that was hard to explain. I can't wait to see the books!