Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sun & a Picnic

We've been working really to get our end of the year testing done (yuck!).  So we needed a little fun this afternoon!  We practiced our addition facts with sum suns (get it? haha)  Each kiddo chose a number between 11-19.  They wrote the number on the sun's sunglasses and facts that equaled that sum on the sun's rays. 

Today was also Picnic Snack Day for our ABC Countdown.  Unfortunately it was raining, so we had our picnic inside.  The kids thought it was the best thing ever.

They were having so much fun, I let them do their end of the year writing prompts on their beach towels.  They were so focused and their writing came out amazing....maybe we should do some more beach towel writing? :)

Tomorrow is our field trip!  Have a happy Wednesday!

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  1. Isn't it funny how kids love laying in the floor!? I love your suns! I just pinned it so I wouldn't forget!

    1. Thanks Robyn!! They really do love laying on the floor! I guess it's more comfortable than their desks :)

  2. Your "sum suns" are too cute! Pinning to remember for next year!

    For the Love of First Grade

    1. Thanks Lindsey! They were quick and easy to put together too....I did it at lunch that day :)