Monday, July 29, 2013

Monday Made It: Chair, Magnets, & More!

Happy Monday!  I'm linking up with 4th Grade Frolics for Monday Made It {my favorite linky ever!!!} :)

I've been busy this week!  I love having so much time over the summer to work on my{huge} to do list! 

#1. This week I finally got around to finishing up my desk chair!!!  You may remember I told you about the chair my boyfriend's grandmother gave me.  It looked like this! looks like this!!!! :)

What do you think?!  I reupholstered it, put a new cushion on the seat, and even sanded and stained the handles and feet!  

#2.  I also made these magnets!  {Well, kind of!  The magnets I bought weren't strong enough, so they're READY to be magnets!  I just need to find some super strong magnets!}  

#3.  I've been working a lot on my back to school stuff too.  You may remember that I will be in a new school this school year.  I haven't decided yet what I want my theme to be, so I've been making all kinds of different decor packs!  That way, when we're given the okay to get into the school, I'll have lots of options that will {hopefully} work ;)  But that means that you have lots of options too!!! :)

Here's my Colorful Chevron Alphabet.  So far, this one's my favorite! 
I have a word wall to match in the works!

I also made it in black and white!

Here's the Black & White {Chevron} Word Wall that matches.  It comes with an editable PowerPoint so your words will match the letter headings.

Can you tell I'm indecisive?!  I also have Polka Dot  and Bright Alphabet & Word Wall Sets.  I'm leaning toward the Colorful Chevron, but I'm not 100% sure yet :) 

Which reminds me, I also made those chevron backgrounds!!  They're my first digital papers and you can get them free at my TpT store!

#4.  The last thing I made was a back to school pack!  It includes craft {my favorite :)} and a few different writing activities, a word search, ABC order, and tags for pencils that say, "You're just 'write' for our class!"  Check it out!

Did I mention I love summer? :)


  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your chair! I want one, too!

  2. Love the chair! I have a similar one in my class that would look so much better if I did that! The magnets are super cute too! I need to make those. I just ordered some super strong magnets on eBay.


  3. Loving the fabric you picked for you chair! Are you going to do a tutorial on the magnets? I would love to hear how you made them!!

    For the Love of First Grade

  4. Your chair came out great, I love it! So cute!! :o)


  5. Cute projects!! Love your chair, it looks great! I m your newest follower! :)

    Crazy Daze in First Grade

  6. Your chair is adorable! I also love your alphabet and all your TPT stuff!! Wow!