Monday, July 15, 2013

Monday Made It & Freebies on the Fifteenth!!

Before I begin with my linkies, I wanted to thank the sweet girls at Curious Firsties for nominating me for another Liebster Award!!  I've really been feeling the love lately!! :)  I started this blog because I wanted to inspire other teachers the way I have been inspired and I've made lots of sweet friends along the way! :)  Thank you to you ladies and to all my wonderful followers! :)  You can check out my Liebster post here!!  You should also go visit the girls at Curious Firsties!!  They have a super cute blog and super awesome ideas!

I've been super busy with projects over the last week!! I'm linking up with 4th Grade Frolics to share all my Monday Made Its!!

1.  Seat crates!!  I found the crates at Walmart...for only $3!!  I got four, but I may go back for more :)  I do have a tutorial on how to make them planned, but it's just too nice outside right now!!!  It's rained pretty much my whole vacation so far, so I think you'll forgive me if I post my tutorial tomorrow instead?  Please? :)

I love them!  I may use them in the house until I go back to school ;)

2.  I also finished up my Elmer unit!  Elmer is one of my FAVORITE back to school (or anytime!) reads!  Here's a peek! You can also check it out at my TpT store!

3.  Last year I made up these little books for my kiddos who were struggling with their high frequency {vocabulary} words.  I'll show you first and then explain how they work :)

Okay!  So I would cut them out and use a little ring to hold them together.  I'd practice the words with my kiddos every morning during morning work time and during reading groups.  If they got a word correct, they'd get a sticker (best incentive EVER!) :)  I really couldn't believe how successful they were!  I had a few who really struggled learning the words, but with these books, they were flying through them!  I even sent them home for extra practice, and they would beg me every morning to take them first!

You can find them in my TpT store as well!  The words are for Scott Foresman Reading Street - Grade 1.  You can get the units individually OR all the units together :) 

And last but not least, I have a FREEBIE for you!  I'm linking up with Molly at Lucky to be in First for Freebies on the Fifteenth!

Here's your freebie!  It's a Chevron Behavior Clip Chart!  Hope you love it!!

 Here's a preview page!  Each is a different color (you can see on the right side in the above picture!)

I'm off to enjoy this beautiful day!!  I hope you do too!!!!

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  1. Love your crates. Can't wait for the tutorial. Off to check out your Elmer unit. Looks so cute!
    A Burst of First

  2. I have nominated you for the Liebster Award! Please visit my blog to claim it.

  3. Love the crates- and I LOVE ELMER! I can't wait to see your Elmer unit! ;) You sight word activities are great, too! Thanks so much for sharing!
    Kindergarten: Holding Hands and Sticking Together

  4. Your crates look great! I hope you enjoyed some sunshine today!
    Three Cheers for First Grade!

  5. I put your Elmer unit on my wish list. I am so excited about it. It is super cute!

    First Grade Wolves

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    2. Also, I am following you on Instagram, but somehow I was not following your blog...problem fixed. I'm your newest follower. :)

  6. Thanks so much for linking up! Love the behavior chart - I use one in my room and it more than saved my sanity last year! Your crates look awesome! Enjoy that sunshine!

    Lucky to Be in First