Thursday, July 18, 2013

That's a Steal Thursday!

I still have over a month left of my summer vacation, but I've already started my back to school shopping!  I can't help it!  I see all the deals everyone is getting on Instagram and it makes me need want to go shoppung! :)  I'm linking up with Meet Miss Parker for That's a Steal Thursday!

I didn't get anything too special this week.  But I definitely got some good deals!!!

I got this chair......for FREE!  Now THAT'S a steal!!!  My boyfriend's grandmother was getting rid of it :)  I'm in the process of reupholstering it.  Oh man.  Wait until you see it!!! :)  I almost want to give you a sneak peek, but I think it'll be more WOW if I wait!  But you'll have to wait for Made it Monday ;)

These goodies were my Walmart finds!  The name plates were only $1.50!!  I just bought a pack for 15, plus shipping!!  So I bought two packs from Walmart, just in case :)  I couldn't pass them up for only $1.50!!

The borders were only .97!!!  Can you believe that?  And aren't they pretty?!  I loved them so much that I went to another Walmart and got more :) 

The second Walmart had an alphabet strip too!!  For .97!!  CHEAP!  I wish it had pictures that started with each letter, but it was too pretty and cheap to say no to!

I got these glasses and bookmarks at the Target Dollar Spot! {I was only allowed to look because my bf was returning something haha ;) } I love Dr. Seuss, so I love the bookmarks!  I can't decide if I should wait until Dr. Seuss' birthday.  Or give them out right away.  I'm leaning towards right away!

The glasses I am going to use in my reading center.  You KNOW the kids will love them.  And how cute will they look wearing those little glasses?!

Stop by Kayla's blog and share your steals!!  If you haven't entered my giveaway you still have time!  Three of you will win my Summer Fonts Pack! :)  Good luck! 

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  1. OMG I love those borders; I am going to have to check and see if my Walmart has those!

    Confessions of a 3rd Grade Teacher

  2. Hi Sarah, Just letting you know that I have nominated you and your blog for the Liebster award! Congratulations! Now hop over to my blog to learn more about what you have to do now. Have fun!

    First Grade by the Sea

  3. Hi Sarah! I nominated you for a Liebster Award too! Copy/Paste the link to find out how to accept it! Congrats!