Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Mailbox Makeover & Wiggly Readers!

I have a to do list about a mile long.  I'm not kidding!  But before I tackle any more of it, I wanted to share a few things with you!!

I love my classroom mailboxes, but I never really liked the labels they came with.  This year they were really starting to peel and I couldn't take it anymore!  So I Washi taped them!!

Here they were before.

I know, not so pretty huh.  

I used a razor blade to scrape off the old stickers.  It was a little tricky, so be careful if you do it!  :)  Then I cut the Washi tape into about two inch pieces.  I stuck it on and added a little yard sale dot to write the number on.  

The tape is a little hard to see in the picture, so here's a close up! 

Ooooo pretty :)  I wish the tape wasn't quite so see-through, but my mailboxes love their makeover! ;)

I also found these little guys at Michaels.   

I'm going to use them as little reading pointers!  I'll have the kids put them on their fingers to help them follow along during reading groups.  They are going to LOVE them!!!! 


  1. OOOOOO SO fun! Love the new mailbox look. Isn't it funny how you can have a zillion things to do- but doing something like fixing your mailboxes zooms to the top of the list and you are so glad to have done that?! I totally get that! :)
    Kindergarten: Holding Hands and Sticking Together

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    1. I love your mailbox make over. I just got the smaller version of the mailbox which I will use to help keep me organized. Hopefully this will keep me from having piles and piles of papers all over my desk. I like what you did with the labels. Can I get that Washi tape from a place like Staples? Thanks for the idea and have a great back to school!

      Lori Ross
      Mrs. Ross's Science Class

    2. Thank you Lori! I got the washi tape at Michaels, but I know that Staples has a Scotch tape version! Last time I was there they had lots of pretty colors! :) I found some really skinny duct tape at Walmart today that may work even better! Good luck doing yours!! :)