Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Classroom Tour!!!

Ok....I know....I am SUUUUPER late to this linky party!  Like beyond late.  But it's still open, so they party isn't over yet, right?! :)  I'm linking up with Ashley at Flying High in First Grade for her classroom tour party!

Here we go!!

This is the view from the back of my classroom!

From the front!

I'm going to start from  the door and take you around from there :) 

Here we have my lunch count clip board hanging on the left.  The kids put their clips on hot or cold lunch every morning.  To the right of that is where I hang our "Stars of the Week." {This was from the very beginning so there's only one!}  Then there is our behavior clip chart and a "how we get home" chart. :) 

This is where I keep my math games by strategy {in the baskets - not yet labeled :)} and reading anthologies.

Under that, the kids each have a basket where they keep their lunch boxes and toys.

Next up are the cabinets above the sink.  This is where I keep all of our markers, scissors, glue, colored pencils....all that fun stuff! 

Our reading table :)

A closer look at the back wall....the kids' mailboxes and our friendship wall...and Goldy, our class goldfish :)

Here is our meeting and calendar area :)
{Look at the date....SEE, I was planning on doing this a looooong time ago!!!}

Our birthday wall is on the door, followed by my craft drawers!

Next up is our computer.  I'm hoping to use this for one of my centers when it is up and running.

These are my shelves for reading groups.  I keep everything I need here...highlighters, wiggle eye readers, marker boards, our blending buddies  and high frequency words.

This is our word word area.  The kids have lots of different things to choose from here.  The heater is magnetic so the can do all kinds of magnetic spelling :)

Our library!!! My next project is to organize the books in bins.  First, I need to find some good bins for it!

This is the front of the room, looking in from the door.  Still loving my blue wall!!! :)

Ok, we're almost all the way around!!!

We are bucket fillers!!! The kids all have their own cups to fill....and they have filled them quite a few times!

This area is where the kids can switch their pencils for a sharp one.  Underneath is where I organize my plans for the week.

Here's my desk!  {This was in the morning....by the afternoon, it doesn't usually look like that!}

This is where I keep all my reading, math, and activity books.  My wheely cart is there too.  It has all my teacher supplies.  I love it and think I need one for home :)  Mr. Froggy sits on our classroom jobs!

Behind my desk we have our anchor charts....

And our word wall!

That's our classroom!  Thanks for taking the tour! :)


  1. Wow, warm, inviting, and organized. That was worth waiting for!! Thanks for sharing your gorgeous classroom. I love all the round labels and well EVERYTHING!

  2. What a happy, happy classroom! I love the colors! Your blue wall is great. I kept thinking, "That's my favorite," about all of it. I do love your individual buckets for the kids. What a clever idea! I can just tell it is such a loving classroom! :)
    Kindergarten: Holding Hands and Sticking Together

  3. What do you have on the feet of your chairs? I have been looking for something to use. Your room looks great.

    1. Thanks Mindy! I used little squares of felt held on with rubber bands! It was cheap and easy and it's been working great so far :)