Friday, September 20, 2013

Five for Friday!

This has been one BUSY week!  I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs to share my Five for Friday! :)

1.  My Eno board is.......WORKING!!  Woohoo!!!  It was all set up on Thursday and I am in love with it.  Really.  It's my new favorite thing.  And the kids love it too! :)  I've been using it for so many things.  We practiced our spelling words on it.  For handwriting, I pulled up a page with the dotted lines and didn't have to draw my own.  Before we went to the computer lab, I showed the kids exactly what to do before we even got there.  We made a thinking map on it.  I pulled up some Cuisenaire Rods and we practiced our facts of ten.  It's so easy to change the color of the pen, which the kids thought was the best thing!  I know there's so many more things it can do that I just haven't figured out yet!  But I already think it's ahhhh-mazing!!!  :) 

These are our short a word families. 
My little smarties :)

2.  We finished making our little people and I put up our bulletin board!  I'm so happy with how it came out!!

3.  We had Curriculum Night on Thursday.  The kids made bookmarks for their parents....but I forgot to take pictures......and I was going to put the template up for you.....but they are on my school computer. *sad face*  My brain is toast!  But I DO have pictures of my hallway display :)  Elmer {of course!} and at the end are our apple patterns!

We also had our milk carton Elmers on display!

4.  We've been working lots on writing our numbers, especially those tricky teens!  Today we started by counting to 9.  I wrote some numbers backwards {oops!!} to make sure they were really paying attention. ;)  When we got to 10, I told them I was using my "Super Secret Color Code" to write the two digit numbers, but that I couldn't tell them what the code was {it IS a secret code, after all!}  They thought it was the funniest thing ever!  After we did 10, 11, 12, I asked who thought they had figured out the "Super Secret Color Code" and could write the next number for me.  It was so cute how excited they got for it!!  They looked like they would burst from trying to hold in the secret code! :)  Once we got to 20, I had them tell a neighbor if they had figured out the secret.

Can YOU figure out the code?!

After we cracked the code, the kids wrote numbers 10-20 on sentence strips, using the secret code of course!!!!  You can see all their ones are all the same color...I think they got it! :)

5.   My last random thing is just a silly story for you :)  We were talking about the -ack word family earlier this week.  The kids were naming all the -ack words they could think of.  One said "quack" so I was telling them about Q and U and how they were married and if you see a Q, then U will always be there.  Then today, one little girl called me over and whispered, "I have something to tell you!"  She pointed to a U in her name and said, "Q and U broke up!!" with this super surprised look on her face.  {SO we did a little review lol} How CUTE is that?!  :)

Enjoy the weekend!!!!!


  1. Hi Sarah!

    I loved your "qu" story! How adorable! I loved your Elmers. Great ideas!

    1, 2, Eyes On You!

  2. Your Elmers turned out amazing! My kiddos love everything Elmer. Thank you for creating such an amazing pack!


    P.S. I am posting about this pack on Friday, September 27th.