Thursday, September 5, 2013

High Frequency Word Books!

My kiddos and I have had a great first few days back!  We've begun to review our Kindergarten words because next week we will be starting to learn our FIRST GRADE WORDS!  Yay!  They were super excited when I told them that! :) 

At the end of last year, I started to make these little high frequency word books to help motivate my kids to learn their words.  Boy did it work!!!!

Here's how they work.  Each student gets a little book like this.

This set is all of their review words from Kindergarten and we will add to it as we go along.  There is a page for each week of our reading series.  The kids practice the words at school and at home.  A few times a week, I meet with each student and have them read the words to me.  If they get the word correct, they get a sticker!!! 

{This picture is from a different unit, but you can see the stickers for the words this student knew!}

They LOVE it!  It's quick and easy and FUN to practice!  This year I am also going to make certificates to give when they have learned all of their words.  :)

We began practicing today.  They did such a great job working in partners and helping each other with the words they didn't know!

Our district uses Scott Foresman Reading can get the mini books in my TpT Store!  This set contains all units, but you can also get the individually! {There is a link from the full set!}

If you do want to purchase them, double check that the words match up with your version of Reading Street!!  All the words are listed here!

Have a happy Friday!!

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  1. This is such a great idea! I have a few of my 4th grade students who are working on basic sight words still and these cards would be perfect!! Can you tell me the dimensions of your cards? They really look like they are a nice size! Thanks :)
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