Saturday, October 12, 2013

Five for Friday!

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs for Five for Friday!


We made Frankensteins!  The kids had a blast and their writing came out great!

My kiddos have been loving our Halloween and Fall centers!  This one is an ABC order FREEBIE!

We have started learning about the life cycle of a pumpkin.  One of my kids bright in some pumpkin leaves for us!

Our dining room FINISHED!!  I am in love with it!  Now we're working on the trim and finding a new table and area rug :)  I can't wait until it's all finished!!!!

Last weekend my dad and step-mom took us all out to a Hibachi restaurant.  It was tons of fun!  There's so many of us that we very rarely ALL get together!

Enjoy the long weekend!!!


  1. I pinned you monster activity :) Its cute! Your floor looks great! Did you lay it yourselves? We are trying to get up the courage to start ours, the wood has been sitting in the garage for 2 months!!
    Three Cheers for First Grade!

  2. Those monsters are adorable! Your floors are beautiful. We live on the west coast and wanted really nice floors and found wood refurbished from an old barn on the east coast. My husband and sons put it in themselves and it is the pride of our home! I hate furniture shopping with my husband too. Who'd have thought he'd care about that stuff! I have known him for 30 years and he never showed an interest until now. Dang! Compromise.