Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Learn Those Words!!

We started the next unit in our reading series this week. 
This unit has 7-8 new high frequency words per week.

I always put our words up on our morning message board for the week so we can go over them every morning.  
Well this week, the kids were like, "WHY DO WE HAVE SO MANY WORDS!?"
Haha, I admit it looks like a lot up there!

So, I have started "Words of the Day."
Each day, I choose 2 or 3 words that we will focus on.  
They're listed on the back board.
They're stuck up on the front board.
We go over them in the morning.
We go over them at snack.
We go over them in reading groups.
We might even review them real quick during transition time in math.
And maybe right before lunch.
Or after recess.

So you better be paying attention, because you WILL know these words! :) 

This is the fun part I wanted to share with you!
I also put the Words of the Day on snowflake shapes by the door.
Whenever the kids leave, whether it's for lunch, specialist, the nurse, or the bathroom, they have to touch a snowflake and say the word!

You should see them when they do it.
They have these huge smiles on their faces.
It's the cutest!!

Someone forgot to touch it one time when they left.
So we said if you forget, then you have to read all three.
Then everyone kept forgetting and having to read all three.
I'm pretty sure they were just "forgetting" because that's how fun it is! :)

I saw this idea on Pinterest, with hand prints instead of snowflakes.  
I used hand prints last year, but I thought the snowflakes were cuter. :)
Plus they're easier to cut out because we have dye cut shapes!
Who knows what shape they'll be next week!!!!

My book boxes from Really Good Stuff also came today!

I just ordered them on Sunday.
I can't believe how fast they came!
And I CAN'T wait to use them! :)

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  1. I love your word idea. I was JUST assessing the words my kid know (DON'T know). Most are doing well, but I was trying to think of yet more ways to have them see those words constantly! :) I am excited for you and your bins. I know that sounds sarcastic- but you know is 100% sincere! I'm jealous! :)