Friday, March 21, 2014

Trade and Grade!

A few of my bloggy friends and I paired up and swapped goodies!
We tested them out in our classrooms and now we're going to tell you about them.
I'm so excited to tell you about my friend Deb's product!!
Deb is from Not Very Fancy, stop by and visit her!!! :)

Deb was kind enough to share her Missing Part Equation Dominoes.

My kids LOVED these!
The set has four different sets of dominoes. 
The sets are all a different color, so it's really easy to keep track of them!
Each domino has a math fact with a missing part. 

The first set I introduced to my kiddos was the plus and minus with zero.  
Here are a few of the cards so you can see what they look like!

The kids learned how to play really quickly and they were so excited to go, go, go!
To play, you start with the beginning card and solve for the missing part.
Then the kids have to find a diamond that has that missing number and attach it to the first domino.
They find the next missing number and find the diamond that matches.
Easy, peasy!

This is another set of cards.
A different color for easy organizing :)

The kids worked so well in teams to solve each of these!

These two were SO HAPPY when they solved their puzzle! 

I really really liked that some of the cards had two addends on each side of the = sign.
I also liked that sometimes the sum or difference was on the LEFT side.
(as in 0=_+14.)
My kids need extra practice in that!

Another set has doubles facts and doubles +2 facts.  

This group finished their's the fastest!
It was fun to see how they all made their domino shapes differently!

The last set is good for your more advanced kiddos!
This set adds two numbers to three numbers.
It was a bit more challenging than the others.
But these little smarties were doing great!

My kids LOVED Deb's Missing Part Dominoes!
They've been begging to use them every day since I first introduced them.
They are great as an individual game or for working in partners or teams.
I even sent a few sets home for homework!

Here's a little sample set for you to try out too! :)
I know you will love it!

Don't forget to stop by Deb's blog to read about my Tricky Mr. Y pack!
Keep an eye out for all my other friends' products too!
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  1. Thanks, Sarah! I'm so glad your kids liked the dominoes! Mister Y was very popular in my class as well.
    Not very fancy