Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Currently {April!}

Can you believe it's April already?!

I'm linking up with Farley for this month's Currently!

One of our kitties is eating Moo's food.
Apparently I didn't feed them enough.
Or she thinks she's a dog.
Or both!
Maybe we should've named her Moo instead! :)

That spring is coming! 
It's been rainy and warm and really really muddy.
And I can. not. wait. until it's bright and sunny and warm every day!
I would show you the picture of our beautiful pink tree in the spring...
because you know I am obsessed....
but I haven't moved my pics to my new computer yet. :)
If you really ant to see it you can {Click Here}
There might be some spring freebies over there too! ;)

My grandmother needs happy thoughts and flowers and sunshine right now.  

Green grass and flowers (and spring!)
It's been a rainy, muddy mess!
We have a dirt driveway which turns into a mucky lake this time of year.
The yard's still covered in snow, but I know it'll be gone soon.
I can't wait!!!!

I have so many projects I've started and I really, really need to finish!

Last Day
June 30.  Yup. 

Happy April my friends!


  1. I think we are all getting spring fever! I am so over cold and rain and grey skies. I cannot even begin to imagine how you all feel way up north. We finally had some warm sunny weather on Sunday but are headed towards more rain this weekend!
    Mrs. Spriggs’ Kindergarten Pond

  2. Prayers for your grandma!!

    And I also feel like I have a thousand things I just need to simply finish right now. Lots of open projects. I wish you the BEST of luck in finishing yours up!

    First Grade Nest