Friday, April 25, 2014

Trade & Grade!

Welcome back to Trade & Grade!
Amanda over at The Primary Gal is AMAZING at organizing all these fun parties!

This month I was super lucky to be paired up with my friend Abbey over at A Teacher Mom!
We switched products and now I get to share it with you!
{plus there may be a freebie for you at the end!}

Her pack comes with lots of different choices and really keeps the kids engaged!
Plus she uses adorable clipart!!! :)
My kids LOVED them all!
I used these games as centers for my kiddos during reading groups.
This game was a Real & Nonsense Word Sort.
My kids love all the silly nonsense words!!

I loved that Abbey's pack includes a recording sheet as well!!
(I didn't get a picture of it!!) 

The next game is a closed and open syllable sort.  
I love that they have to read AND write the words!

Abbey's pack also includes an I Have, Who Has game.
This was a favorite!
I Have, Who Has is probably the most popular game with my kids.
They just love it!!

Here is a Bingo game!
We played this in small reading groups.
After we played the first day, they BEGGED me to play for the rest of the week!!

This game was super fun too!
The kids have to use the letters to make words.
Each letter has a number, so after they make the word, they have to add up the numbers!
They seriously loved this!!
They love, love, love adding with 3 or more addends! :)

The next game is a Memory game.
They've been asking to play it every time they get a chance! 

Abbey's pack is wonderful!  Thank you so much for sharing it, Abbey!!
She was kind enough to put together this sample, so that YOU can try it too!!

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