Friday, May 23, 2014

Five for Friday {Life Cycles!}

Happy Friday!
Who is ready for the long weekend? :)
I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs to share about the last TWO weeks!

 Our chicks seemed to take forever to hatch this year!
My kiddos were getting impatient because other classes had cracks in their eggs and we didn't.
So, I told the kids that maybe if we made this little hatching chick craft
that they might, just might, start cracking.

Well, we started and in about a half an hour, one of my littles ran over to me and screamed, 
"MS. J, IT'S HATCHING!!!!!!!"
 And it WAS!  It had a small little crack and the kids couldn't have been happier!
So it seems that this craft is one magical craft! ;)

 We waited and waited for our chicks to hatch.
But they all kept hatching at night!
Thursday morning we had Grandparents' Day.
And guess what?!
One of our babies hatched RIGHT when everyone got back to the room.
It was amazing and the most perfect timing ever!!!

 These are some of the babies.
I shared the bottom picture already, but I just LOVE IT! :)

We made these big chickens too.
It's part of my chicken life cycle pack!

We have been working on exclamations, so we each wrote one about the chicks.
(exclamation paper is not included in my life cycle pack, but I will post the freebie soon!)

  We also "planted" these seeds to watch them grow!

Our tadpoles are getting big!!!

Also, you should come stop by my Jamberry Party!
It ends on Sunday! :)

Stop by tomorrow and Sunday for the first of our monthly Weekend Warrior blog hops! :)

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Those chicks are too cute - the live ones and the craft ones. How exciting! I'm always happy to visit your blog to see your cheerful sunshine - plus, you're not starting your summer vacation like all those OTHER bloggers - I'm feeling a little jealous - even though I shouldn't - a 3 day weekend is pretty good, too.