Thursday, May 8, 2014

Mother's Day!

We've been working super hard to finish up our Mother's Day gifts!
The last few years, we gave our moms spider plants.
These are last year's gifts!!!

This year, I tried something different!
A few weeks ago, we planted marigolds.
They're still super tiny, so I bought some flowers instead!

We start by painting our hands to make a butterfly.

Then we decorated a body and added eyes!
We haven't finished the pipe cleaner antennae yet!!!
That's tomorrow's project! :)

The kids each picked a flower and planted it.
They LOVE playing with dirt planting!
Everyone picked a ribbon and I hot glued it on and added their little poems!

 Here's a closer up view!
They'll each have butterflies in them. :)

We also wrote these cute little poems!

What did you make for Mother's Day? :)

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  1. Oh how happy! I do love those flowers- AND your poems! You are going to have some happy moms on Sunday. :)