Sunday, June 15, 2014

Diggin' Into Behavior Management & Freebies!

 Behavior Management!

I think it's important to have lots of different kinds of behavior management.
I always have one or two that I use all year long, with a few that may last from a week to a month.

The main things I use are a clip chart and bucket fillers.

Here's our clip chart.
This was taken on Wacky Wednesday, so it was turned upside down.
Crazy as it sounds, my kiddos were SO GOOD that day because they wanted to hear me say "move your clip DOWN" and have it be a good thing!

Each kid also has their own bucket for pom poms.
They get to choose a reward coupon when their bucket is full.

I've also done reward tickets where the kids got tickets for good behavior.
At the end of the day, I would pick a winner.

Around Halloween, I always build a jack-o-lantern with the kids. 
Once it's complete, we earn a class prize.

I also use a Kindness Catcher.
The kids write nice things they see their friends doing. 
They love it!

 I'm always looking for new behavior management ideas!!!

Here are all the products I mentioned above!


I use these around Christmas time!

Hop over to Laura's blog for more behavior management ideas!

I'm also linking this up with Molly over at Lucky to be in First for Fabulous Freebies on the 15th!

Have a super week!

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