Friday, June 13, 2014

Five for Friday!

Happy Friday!!
This has been one super busy week!
I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs for Five for Friday!

 We made these for our dads!
The grass didn't grow as much as I hoped, but it will be taller by Sunday!

The kids made ties and drew their favorite thing to do with dad.

They also wrote poems!

 We're still counting down the ABC Countdown.
This was Origami Day.
We made these cute little puppies.
The kids drew spots on their ears and then wrote the fact family underneath.

 Thursday we went on our field trip!
The kids all got to hold a baby goat!
And brush and cuddle with cows.
And pet a baby chick.
And touch a snake and lizard (ew!)
And feed goats and sheep and cows.
There were animals walking along the walkways.  
I want to go back!!!

 We hatched another batch of chickies!
This little guy was the only one that made it :(
He was super lonely and chirping super super super super loud.
So what else could we do, but keep him company?!
We made a circle and let him run all around. 
........for quite awhile :)
The kids (and Peep Squeak) loved it!!

One of my kiddos said that we might get the chicken pox from touching him.
I sure hope we don't!! ;)

 Last weekend we saw these cuties while kayaking!

Happy weekend!


  1. What a gorgeous set of photos in your post. I love the ties!
    Paula from Paula’s Place and iSURF Maths

  2. What a great week you had. I love the Father's Day gifts and writing. It's great!

  3. I love your Father's Day gifts! So sweet! And your precious little chick Awwww. Have a GREAT last FULL week! Oh my oh my! :)