Thursday, July 3, 2014

Aww! It's Paws & Auto!

I finally, finally, finally had time to post my newest phonics pack this morning!
Many of you may have seen it on Facebook earlier! :)
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This pack teaches the sounds of au and aw.  

Paws & Auto are two adorable little kitties.
What do you saw when you see something cute?
Here they are!

Here's a peek at what's inside:

I also have some samples of the practice pages for you!
This one the kids have to cut and sort the words.
I always have mine highlight the au or aw sound in each word.

Read it, write it, color it!

A little color by code fun!

A sorting center.
I do this whole class to introduce it and practice the words.
Then it goes our word work center!

There's also a little craft!

You can grab this pack {here!}
It's on half off today and tomorrow!
Have a happy 4th my friends!!!!


  1. How cute! Kids might not remember everything you tell them, but I bet they'll remember 2 cute kitties and the sounds their names make! My goal this year is to have some kind of sort/activity like this for all the different vowel teams. #goodintentions =)