Saturday, July 12, 2014

Diggin' into Next Year: Writing Instruction!

We're back with another edition of Diggin' Into Next Year!

Today's focus is on writing instruction.
Teaching writing is one of my favorite things!
I love when the kids get into their writing!!!

We do a lot, A LOT, of journal writing.
We write at least once a day!

We also do a lot of project writing.
Whenever I have a topic I want to write about, I always start with a related book.
I think it helps the kids get thinking about the topic and gives them ideas to get started.

Then we start by making a thinking map as a class.
This way, we have words we might need ready to go for us, so they can focus on writing and not spelling.

Here are some examples of our project writing!

I'll try to go in order of the year. :)

This one I usually do the first week of school.
It's a fun way to go over our class rules AND practice writing!

This one we explored the inside of an apple, painted it, and then described it!

For Halloween, we made Frankenteins out of paint samples and then wrote about them.

Here we did some contraction writing!
They each chose a contraction and wrote one part on each snowball.
Then they had to write a sentence using it!

For Valentine's Day, we read the book "Love Monsters" and made our own monsters!
Then of course we wrote about them!

I do a lot of image writing throughout the year, especially for seasons.
Each kid makes a picture, then we write about it!

Here we made a hatching chick, then wrote as though we WERE the chick. :)
They loved this one!

We made these adorable chickens and then wrote an exclamation about them!

Ok, this is the last one, I promise!
This is one of my favorite writing pieces.
We read the book "Nugget and Fang."
It's a cute little story about a shark and a fish!
I teach them all how to draw a shark (no "I can'ts" allowed!!!!!)
Then we do a crayon resist!
Look how cute they come out!

We write about them!
Most of them write like they are the shark talking.
It's super duper fun!

I have about a million more samples I could share with you, but you've probably had enough ;)
I really think that reading a story and brainstorming before writing gets the kids super excited about writing.

 I am always, always, always looking for new fun and exciting ways to teach writing and things to write about!

Here are some more products not mentioned above! :)

Stop by Laura's blog to read more about writing instruction!
Have a fabulous weekend my friends!!! :)