Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Monday Made It!!

My first Monday Made It of the summer!!
{a day late!}

I had every intention of finishing my project last night and linking up.
The only problem was my lovely little sewing machine kept JAMMING.
So I had to take a break from it!

It must've just needed a break because it was fine this morning. :)

I made a case for my Nook!!

Isn't it so cute?!
It's no where near perfect, but that just makes it better! ;)
It even has a little pocket in the front!!
I used this {tutorial}!
My nook was slightly smaller than hers, so if you make it, be sure you check the size!

I also made these All About Me Books for back to school (or anytime!)

I have something really good planned for next week's Monday Made It! :)


  1. Your nook case is DARLING! And you're right- it's perfect just the way it is! :) I love your All About Me books, too!

  2. You Nook case is just darling! I love the little pocket on the front.
    Polka Dot Lesson Plans

  3. WOW! Great job on the Nook case!

  4. Cute Nook case! I've never used my sewing machine but this looks like something I might be able to do one day!
    Learning at the Teacher Table