Sunday, July 20, 2014

Summer Lovin' Sale: Day 1!

Some of my fabulous bloggy friends and I are having a Summer Lovin' Sale! 
Who doesn't love summer?
And who doesn't love a sale?
Put them together and you bet it's going to be fun!
The next four days are full of super sales and fun products! :)

Each day something different will be on sale.

Today Tricky Mr. Y is on sale for half off!

Teaching the vowel sounds of Y can be tricky.
But not when Mr. Y is there to help!

My kids had a blast making these Mr. Ys and always shouted out, 
"It's Mr. Y!" when they saw him in a story.
I loved it!
Here's the little craft we made.

This matching game can be a center or a whole group activity.

There are also lots of fun practice pages! :)

Check out Mr. Y: Tricky Guy {here!}

Don't forget to check out these fabulous ladies' sale goodies too!!! :)

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