Friday, August 22, 2014

Five for Friday {August 22!}

Today is my LAST day of summer vacation.
I can't believe how fast it went!

It's been a super busy week, trying to squeeze in everything I can before heading back to school!!

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs!

 I finally, finally, finally got my binder covers printed!
They make me so happy!!! 
{Maybe I'll finish them now...I'm only on November!!}

 Last weekend we went on our annual camping/kayaking trip!
Here's our baby pyramid! :)
(We usually have way more people!)

 I've been going in to get my room set up! 
This was after the first day.  
I forgot to take pictures yesterday!
It's coming along, but I still have a lot to do!

 I'm loving my new bulletin board!!!!
(inspired by Ashley)
Did you know you can print poster size from a regular printer?!?!?!  

 I've been busy making things for fall because I know I'll be going to bed when I get home super busy!

These are some fun little class books!

Have a fabulous weekend my friends!


  1. Hey Sarah! Love your classroom, super cute! Your binders look great too! I just got done with a huge task of taking 8 file cabinet drawers and downsizing and placing into binders. This is actually one of my Five for Friday pictures! Good luck to you on this upcoming school year!
    Mrs. Olson’s Lucky Little Learners

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    1. Whoops! Your binder covers look great! Enjoy your last bit of summer.

  3. Oh- ENJOY THIS WEEKEND! Your room is looking so great! Love the pyramid- and your smile! :) I will be right there with you going to bed when I set foot back in the house! (Well, not ACTUALLY right there with you- but you know what I mean... oh my oh my! ha!) You'll have a fabulous year!

  4. I love your binder covers! they are too cute! and the binders themselves are so colorful. What do you store in them?

  5. I love the set up of your classroom! I just found your blog on this linky and I love your ideas! Good luck this year as I look forward to following you in your adventures! :)

    Sliding Into Second Grade

  6. Your classroom looks great and those binder covers are so colorful! I need to work on my organization for sure. Cute binders are nice motivation to organize more!
    Polka Dot Lesson Plans

  7. The binder cover look great!! What are you keeping in them?!