Sunday, April 26, 2015

Weekend Warriors: Open House & More!

We're back with another weekend of Weekend Warriors!
We love bringing you tips, tricks, and ideas!
This month, we have a few changes!

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Our school doesn't do an Open House this time of year.
Instead, we have Special Friends' Day.
It's our version of Grandparents' Day!

The kids each have 2 guests come.
They perform for them and have brunch together.
Then they bring their special friend back to the classroom!

This bulletin board is something we make at the beginning of the year.
I just love it!

We also make this class book for everyone to read.
It's always a hit!!

A few years ago, we made these for our special friends!

Each of the kids also makes a book about themselves to share!
They always come out so cute!!!

Here's my favorite part.....
We always plan our chick hatching around the time of Special Friends' Day!!!
Last year one of the chicks hatched RIGHT as the kids and their special friends were coming back from their brunch.
It was AMAZING.  Like the most perfect timing EVER!

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  1. Your Friends Forever bulletin board is so sweet! I love that each child gets to bring two special people to school. So many times parents cannot get out of work to attend these daytime events and grandparents just love to step up! What a happy ending with the surprise hatching! :) Thank you for sharing Sarah!

    Creative Lesson Cafe

  2. What a fun event! It's nice that the students are able to bring any special people with them. I love all of the projects you put on display. Especially that class book! You can never have too many class books. Pinning for later, for sure!

    Primarily Speaking

  3. I love how you time for the chicks to be born around this time of the year! That would be so amazing to see! Parents must love it! Thank you for sharing these ideas :-)