Tuesday, June 16, 2015

TPT Seller Challenge: Makeover Challenge!

Have you heard about the TPT Seller Challenge?!
I think it's going to be so fun!!
This week is Makeover Week!

I've been slowly, but surely, going through my store and updating my older products. 
I feel like I have grown and changed a lot since I first started my little store! :)
Here's one of my most recent updates!

I love using these Writer's Eyes in my classroom!
It's so simple, but so effective.
I even have special glasses the kids can wear when they're checking their work!

Both the cover and the inside have been updated.
The content is the same, but I made it prettier with new fonts and clipart. :)

Here's a peek at the posters and bookmarks!

I also updated one of the very first things I made.
It's a game of I Have, Who Has!
It was completely overhauled!!!
This one's a freebie! :)

It's so fun updating things!
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