Addition Kites!

We've been working a lot with addition lately.....fact fluency!!!  My kiddos are probably sick of hearing me say that!  One of my teammates came up with this idea a few years ago and I love it.  The kids each create a kite, colorful and fun of course!  Then they choose a number between 11 and 19, which they write on their kite.  For the bows on the kite string, the kids name all the addition facts they can.  It becomes a little competition to see who can name the most addition facts for their sum. :)

You can also do this for fact families!  These are our kites.  I will put the stencils up later...I forgot them at school yesterday!

These are them all finished.
A close up!  These ones all chose 18 for their sum.
Annnnd on display!
 Happy Thursday everyone! 

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