Spring Writing!

Yesterday was a sad day in more ways than one.  My heart goes out to everyone affected by yesterday's tragedy. 

I am thankful I have my kiddos and their creative little minds to get my mind off of things!

We finished up our spring image writing yesterday.  We began the lesson by reading a spring book (of course!).  Then the kids each painted sheets of paper in the colors they would need.  It takes awhile, but the end products are well worth the time spent!!  Each started by making a page in all blue (for the sky) and all green (grass, trees, & flowers), then I let them decided which colors to do from there.  They were so cute,  making sure everyone had the colors they needed!  Many of them were helping their friends when they finished.  Teamwork!

When the paint had dried, we talked about all the fun things we can do in the spring.  They each chose their favorite and made their spring image showing that.  We wrote a spring acrostic poem to go with our beautiful pictures.  (I am also using these poems for our library poetry contest!)

Here's a few samples!
"Super warm days
Perfect weather
Rainy drops fall
It's nice out
Nice, pretty flowers
Gorgeous flowers grow"

 "Some sunny times
Pretty plants coming
Rainy days begin
It's time to plant
New animals come
Gorgeous things are here"

 "Spring is here, caw
Pretty plants
Rain coming, caw
Ice melting
Nice roses
Grow flowers"

I have some great writers!  I love how their pictures came out.  Image writing is one of my favorite things to do because they each come out so different!  

I put the spring paper I used in my TpT store as a freebie!  It includes the acrostic poem and a page for creative writing if you choose to do that instead. :)  Click here to get it!!!!

Enjoy this beautiful weather!

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