Ladybug Math Stories (& A Little Bit of Lifecycles!)

I was super excited to begin life cycles this week!!!  We focused on the life cycle of a ladybug - always a favorite!  We started by reading "Ladybugs: Red, Fiery, and Bright."
Then the kiddos had a blast making their own ladybugs.  For dots we used yard sale stickers.  Some of them went a little crazy with the number of dots they used!  When we finished making them, they were obviously zooming all over the classroom :)  Silly ladybugs!

I decided to use this as a math lesson, so everyone wrote a number story about ladybugs!  They used the number of dots on each wing for their addends.  They came out super duper cute!
 "There were 5 ladybugs playing ladybug jump rope.  5 more 
came to play too.  How many are there in all?"  
 I loved this one because she even wrote the answer at the bottom, upside down!  How cute is that?!
"There are 5 ladybugs on a rock.  4 crawl over to join them.  How many ladybugs in all?"

This was a great way to practice writing telling and asking sentences too :)  & the kids had a blast doing it!  My early finishers were all sharing and solving each others stories!

You can get this craft at my TpT store!  It includes a few life cycle sheets and a book about the life cycle of a ladybug.  It also includes writing paper (for both math and creative writing!) and more.  Get it here!!

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