Workshop Wednesday: Response to Literature

I'm linking up with Jivey for this week's Workshop Wednesday: Response to Literature!

When I take reading groups, we spend a lot of time discussing the story (as much discussing a first grader can handle anyway!).  I always remind them what good readers do and I model it for them.  For example, I'll say a good reader thinks about what the author wanted us to learn by reading this story.  Then I'll pick a story we've previously read and have say I think so and so wanted us to learn blah, blah.  After, I ask the kids to think back and see what the story we're working on is about.  I do this for setting, main idea, pretty much everything!

I also have a little graphic organizer flip chart that I use in my groups.  It's part of our Reading Street reading program and can be written on with Expo markers.  It has a page for character, plot, beginning, middle and end of a story, and lots more.

Many times, I will use these for the kids to show their understanding of the characters, setting, and the stories problem.  They especially love the part where they have to answer how they would solve the problem in the story. :)

My kids do a lot of written responses in their writing journals as well.  Often times, I'll give them a sentence or question to get the started.  For example, our first unit is about pets, so their journal prompts may be about how they would take care of a pet, their favorite type of pet, or if they could have any pet, what would it be....things that activate prior knowledge or make them think a little more about the topics we are reading about. :)

How do your kids respond to literature? :)

One more thing before I take a break for dinner!!  Here's a little something special I made for my classroom this weekend!  I found the idea on Pinterest (surprise, surprise!).  

I think it came out pretty good!!  I brought it to school on Monday and my kids absolutely LOVED it!!  Lately they've been feeling sad because I've been doing special "second grade" things with them and they don't want to leave first grade.  I don't want them to go either!  But I told them whenever they're feeling sad, they can look at this and remember what a super bunch of friends they have! :)

Happy Wednesday!


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