We Love Writing Crafts!

12 more days til our chicks hatch!  We can't wait!  A few of the kids are convinced that there are cracks in the eggs already.  Some even heard peeping!  I love their little imaginations :)
We've been learning a lot about chicks and what will happen when they do finally hatch.  The kids each made a chick craft and then wrote as though they were the chick.  Hello, VOICE!  (Six traits, anyone?)  They are so excited about our babies finally hatching and their stories were amazing!!!!!

"Cheeep, Cheeep.  My name is Gilbert!  I love to cheeeeeep cheep cheep.  When will I hatch?  Oooooooo I'm so warm in the egg.  Puuuuuush.  BOOM!  Yaaaaaay!  I came out!  Yiiiiiip, it's time for a party!"

 "Cheep, chirp!  I'm an adorable little chicky.  I'm trying to hatch bit I just can't do it!! Don't worry, I'll try with all my power.  Ok, ok...myegg is breaking and and...Ta da!  I'm free!  I'm finally free!  Yay!"

Aren't they great!?  They look awesome up on our bulletin board!

You can find the craft, thinking maps, and writing paper (plus a few extras!) at my TpT store!!!

Have a happy Friday!!

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