Memory Books & Father's Day

I did it!  I finished our memory books....a day ahead of my goal!!  YAY!  Here they are!

I had two choices for the front cover, so I let the kids choose what paper they would like.  I got the paper from the Dollar Tree....isn't it pretty? :)

Here's the poem I have as the last page.  The kids always love it!

I can't wait to give them to the kids!!

We also started working on our Father's Day gifts.  I usually do grass heads and we add some type of face to them.  I've haven't done the same one twice yet! We planted the seeds was a little bit messy :)

This year I am trying these!!

We'll also be working on these neat little books!  You can get the freebie at School is a Happy Place! It is super duper cute!!


It's almost Friday!!
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  1. Your Father's Day crafts are so cute! I love the grass heads!


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