Diggin' into: Organization of Literacy Block

organization of my literacy block!

We have a 90 minute literacy block.
We always start whole group.
Then the kids work independently while I take reading groups.

I use a clipboard similar to this one to keep my groups organized.
(I don't have a picture my reading group one!!)

My reading group one has four boxes of different colored paper, one for each of my reading groups.

In reading groups, we work on making words, phonics skills, and lots of reading!

The kids at their seats start with some individual work, then go to centers.

I kind of adapted the Daily 5 for my center work.

The kids can choose:
Work on Words
Read to Self
Read to Someone
Work on Writing

I have a listening center, but it doesn't work!!
Sometimes I add computer time to the mix too.

They have to go to at least one of the centers a day.
They also have the option of doing more than one a day.

Some days we end early and do read to self or read to someone as a whole class.
I LOVE seeing them so into their books!!!

I have many phonics packs that I use for my word work center.

Here are a few!

{Fruit & Glue! Ewww!} 

{Miss Lovely & Mr. Wonderful} 

{Tricky Mr. Y}

{The Little Proud Flower} 

{Ernest the Furry Dog}

You can check out more {here!}

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