Letter Sounds Freebies

Do you have kiddos who are struggling to learn their letter sounds?
Here are a few things that might help! :)

This is a fun game to play with your class or your kiddos at home.
The first player spins the spinner and covers the picture that starts with the same sound.
The other player covers the upper case letter that matches.

It's super fun!!!
Upper and lower case versions are included.
Click HERE to grab it! 

Next is this little alphabet chart.
 It's super helpful when learning letter sounds.
Click HERE to grab that one! :)

These alphabet cards are a quick and easy way to review letters and sounds.
If you have a kiddo struggling with a letter,
have them put it on their desk and practice it throughout the day.
You can also send them home for extra practice!
(or use them at home if you have a little one!)

Grab the cards HERE!

I hope you can use these! :)

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