Jingle, Jingle!

We have a little elf visitor in our classroom!
Our little friend arrived on Monday.
BOY were the kids excited to find him!!!

His name is Jingle.

On Wednesday, Jingle hung out by the clip chart.  
He even left a note at lunch to see how many of the kids could make it to super student by the end of the day!
Guess how many made it!!!

Thursday he was reading a book.
Friday he was too.
Silly little elf forgot to move.

The kids thought he must be stuck on a word!
So they read him the page.
At lunch, he moved and left a little note to thank them for helping him! :)
Good thing I have such super duper readers! :)

I wonder what Jingle will be up to next week!
Have a happy weekend my friends!


  1. Ha ha! This is such a busy time of year that it would be easy to forget to move Mr. Elf. You were fast on your feet to tell them he was stuck on a word! :)

  2. JINGLE! He is a tricky one! :) So sweet!


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