When Hairy Met Tallie

I have the cutest book to tell you about today!!
If you haven't read it yet, you HAVE to!!!
It's called When Hairy Met Tallie by Stacie Carroll.

When Hairy Met Tallie is a true story about a little girl who doesn't feel like she fits in.
Tallie's mom is the author, which I think is amazing!
It's a book about kindness, love, and accepting others for who they are.
Every kid (and adult) should read it!!
I'll give you a quick summary, but you need, need, need to read it! :)
It's a rhyming book too...
which I totally love!
I love when the kids say "it rhymes!!" in the middle of a story.
It makes my heart happy! :)

Tallie is a little girl who is different than the kids in her class.
She's often sad and lonely. 
One day, her mom picked her up from school with a life size skeleton in the car.

Hairy is made of lots of bones.
In his chest he has a big heart.
Even though Hairy and Tallie look different on the inside, they're the same on the inside.

With Hairy's help, Tallie gains confidence and learns about kindness, love, and friendship.
It's a really touching story!
Hairy teaches kids that we ARE all the same on the inside.

I can't wait to read it to my kiddos when school starts!
I even bought my own Hairy to go along with the story! :)
See his little heart?!

Isn't he cute?!
 (He thinks you should read his story! ;) )

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