Weekend Warriors: Sight Words!

The Weekend Warriors are back with more tips & tricks!!!
This month's theme is sight words.

What are your favorite sight word activities?!
We'd love for you to link up with us and share!!!!!

We practice sight words daily in my room.
Each week, we add to our class word wall.

We play Zap!
If you haven't played before, you should!
The kids absolutely love it!
It's quick and easy to learn and set up!

This idea was from our interventionist.
She's amazing and this is one of my favorites!

The kids love this one!
It's especially good for the kiddos who make frequent trips to the bathroom. ;)
Use dye cuts, sticky notes, those little accents from the Dollar Tree....anything you have.

Read words to a partner and have them sign off!

Put your sight words everywhere you can! 
The more places they are, the more chances your kids have to read them! :)

Your turn!
We can't wait to read all of your awesome ideas!
Link up below! :)

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