Reading Recipes: A Must-Read!!!

Happy Tuesday!
I have a must-read to share with you today!!!
Have you heard of Reading Recipes?! 
It's by my sweet friend Carolyn Kisloski and Dr. Jean.
This book is FILLED with so many fun, easy, hands-on activities to use in your classroom.

There are 8 chapters that focus on:
*Speaking and Listening
*The Sound of Speech
*Print Connections
*Fun Phonics
*Lifetime Words
*Vocabulary Builders
*I'm Reading
*I'm Writing

Each chapter has pictures of the activities and/or photographs of the kids doing them. 
It's an easy and fun read!
Get your sticky notes ready to mark pages!!!!
Can you see all the pages I have bookmarked?
Those are just the ones I wanted to try right away! :)

These are a few of my favorite activities!!!

In this one the kids sign in by writing a sight word each morning.
This was a HUGE hit.
They're practicing their sight word, by reading AND writing it.
Plus they get a little handwriting practice too!

This super idea is called "Tell Me Something Good."
We start our morning with this every day!!
Some days we'll start by saying something we're looking forward to.
I've also extended it so that other days, they'll each answer a question.
They each get a "star moment" (that's what we call it!) to share.
But only the person with the microphone can talk!!

Another favorite was sentence practice using M&Ms. :)

Sight words on stacking cups...whaaaat?!
Ok, so these are part of our indoor recess games.
I never thought to write sight words on them!!!!!
See what I mean?
Fun, simple, hands-on activities!!!

Reading Recipes has a little Listening Monster poem.
The kids have to listen in order to create their monster.
They had lots of fun making these. :)
We made them into a class book!

I could keep going, but I don't want to give away all of the amazing ideas!
If you haven't read Reading Recipes yet, GO!
I promise you won't regret it!!!
There are so many simple, fun activities that will keep your kiddos engaged and learning.

Guess what!
You could win your own copy!!!
Just enter through the Rafflecopter below.
Good luck! :)

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