Elf on the Shelf: Ideas for the Classroom!

Our classroom elf is coming tomorrow!
Do you have an elf?
I love thinking of silly things for him to do!
Sometimes thinking of something new everyday can be tricky.
These are some of the things I did last year!

The elf decorated our classroom with lights!
We didn't have any snow, so he brought us some icicles. :)

Jingle added his name to the word wall.

One day he was reading a story. 
Someone asked why he was still on the same page.
One little boy said he must be stuck on a word.
So he read him the whole page. <3
I seriously love first grade!!!!!!!
(The little boy must've been right because after lunch, he had turned the page. ;) )

This day the elf moved during lunch.
I guess he thought the kids weren't being very well behaved.......
But his little note helped a lot! :) 

Elf and Elmer were pretty good friends throughout December.
Here they are practicing math facts!

Roasting marshmallows was lots of fun!
He even shared some with the kids.

The morning before we made gingerbread houses, he got into our graham crackers and candy!
He made us a cute little example!
What a nice elf!

 Elf donuts!
(Cheerios with frosting)
This was one of my favorite days.
Thanks to my friend Melissa at Smile for Success for sharing this one!

 The next day he was nice enough to bring us human-sized donuts. ;)

On Grinch Day, our elf dressed up like the Grinch!

Even an elf needs a bath!!!!
When we made stockings, he hung himself up in one.
After we made our stockings, he hung them up for us!
He even made a fireplace on our Eno board!

Here he got into the sugar and made a snow angel.
Silly elf!

On his last day, he left us all kinds of goodies.
We got new books and Elephant and Piggie stuffed animals.
He left bells and a Nice and Naughty list.

The kids sure missed him when he went back to the North Pole!!
I hope I gave you some new ideas!
Have fun with your elf!!!

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