Go For It! {freebie!}

I have a super duper fun game to tell you about!
One of my coworkers shared this idea with me when I first started teaching.
It's a favorite every year!
It can be used to practice just about any skill!!!

It's called Go For It!

It's a blank game board.  
The kids move from the start to the smiley face and back again.
Back and forth.  Back and forth.

My kids think it's so funny when I tell them it's a never-ending game!!!

You can use Go For It! with dice...roll two and add them up.
Roll two dice and subtract.
Roll a dice and read a sight word.
Roll a dice and answer a math fact.  
Back and forth.
Roll a dice and spell a word for your partner. 
Pick up two cards and add them.
Roll a dice and do that many jumping jacks.
Just kidding.
Kind of. ;)

But basically, if you have dice or flashcards, your kids can practice any skill you're working on!
I promise they'll love it!!!

Happy practicing!! :)

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