Emoji Management!

Who doesn't love emojis?!
They are so cute and so fun. 
I've been using them for behavior management with my class.
They work like a charm!

When I saw these little cuties, I just HAD to have them. 
(I got them at Walmart!)

The only problem is that I want MORE!
And I can't find them anywhere. 
Sad face emoji.

I keep these little guys where the kids can see them. 
If I see someone working really hard, they hop onto that person's desk. :)
I love their little smiles when I put one on their desk.

There's one rule. 
You can't touch them!
It's tough....it's so hard....they're so cute and fun. ;)

My favorite thing is when they ask if I can move the emojis to so-and-so's desk 
because they're working really hard too.
Melt my heart. <3

We obviously had to name our new friends. 
This is Miss Lovely.  
When she sits on your desk she says, "I love your work! I love your work!"
(in a cute and sweet voice)

Our other friend is Mr. Cool.  
When he sits on your desk, he says, "Whoooa!  Nice work dude!"
(in a surfer voice, obviously)

They seriously work like magic!
As soon as the kids see me head toward Miss Lovely and Mr. Cool, EVERYONE is working hard.
I told them I need one for each of them!

What do you use for classroom management?!
Have a happy week!

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