Winter Addition Puzzles!

I hope you are all enjoying your winter break!
I know I am. :)

I've been working hard to get my Winter Addition Puzzles ready for January!
Here they are!!

My kids are LOVING these puzzles. 
I just know they'll love these winter ones too!

If you haven't seen the puzzles before, they're super fun!
Plus they're super easy to get ready.
AND super easy to differentiate!

The kids solve for the missing number.
Some have a missing sum.
Others have a missing addend.

Then they'll cut them out.

Glue together and color!

Here are some of the other puzzles!

Hot cocoa...yum!

Mr. Bear has addition to 20.

So does Mr. Squirrel. :)

This puzzle practices adding groups of ten.

These two have missing addends.

Adding has never been so fun!
My kids are going to be so excited for them. :)

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