Sight Word Bowling

Hello Friends!
Can you believe it's March already?!

I got the best thing for Christmas.
A Cricut machine!!!
Have you used one?
They're amazing!

I wanted to share some of the fun things I've made with it!
I've been vinyling everything!!

I found these little bowling pins at the Dollar Tree. 
I wish they had more than one set because I can think of so many other bowling ideas!

 I made these ones into Sight Word Bowling!  
I did all those tricky w words that my kids always get mixed up. :)
They're going to LOVE practicing them now!!!

I've seen this idea many times on Pinterest.
I don't know who came up with the original idea, but I like it!

I got this little push light at the Dollar Tree too.  
I'll be using it when I'm taking reading groups!
When the light's on, ask a friend for help.
Just a friendly little reminder not to interrupt. :)

My last project is for above my desk at home.  
I added some scrapbook paper in the frame and used the Cricut to cut the vinyl lettering.
Aren't they so pretty?!

I have a lot more project ideas already!!!
Do you have a Cricut?  What have you made with it?!

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